Identification of Cryovessels

In the pharmaceutical industry, cryovessels that are transported from one facility to another are frequently in use. DIN A4 files, ID sheets and datamatrix codes are normally used for identification purposes with these containers, meaning that no monitoring can take place during transportation. In the event of an accident, clear allocation of the cryovessel and its content is not possible.

The BL ident RFID system from Turck enables clear and seamless monitoring during transportation and storage.


  • Fail-safe identification with the BL ident RFID system prevents allocation errors
  • Reliable identification even with imprecise vessel positioning thanks to a particularly wide HF read/write heads with high range

  • Dzięki systemowi BL ident RFID można niezawodnie monitorować naczynie kriogeniczne

  • Głowice odczytu/zapisu Q80 niezawodnie rozpoznają pojemniki nawet w przypadku nieprecyzyjnego ustawienia

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