Contacless Transfer of Power and Switching Signals

In the sterilization machines of the Swiss company Hanag Steriltechnik AG, Turck’s inductive couplers transfer power and switching signals contactlessly – the ID of the IO-Link sensor is also used for the reliable identification of each container

The product portfolio of Swiss company Hanag Steriltechnik AG includes machinery for the treatment of caps and stoppers for the pharmaceutical industry. These are sterilized using different processes, which require the reliable identification of each container in the process. Where plug contacts were previously used for a long time, the company today uses a solution with contactless data and power transmission. This involves the use of an inductive coupler with the “application specific tag” of the IO-Link sensor to identify each container and ensure the correct position of the containers in transport trolleys at the transfer stations.

  • The stopper and cap processing machines of Swiss-based Hanag Steriltechnik AG are in demand worldwide

  • The BI6U-M12-IOL6X2 IO-Link sensor detects the correct position of the rotation unit via the switch lug

  • Eric Netzhammer

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