Easy Connection of Field Devices

Pharmaceutical plants are often comprised of subsystems and skids that can be migrated or expanded by additional parts. The Process Wiring connection technology by Turck is perfectly suited for wiring such elements. De-coupling system parts is easy, quick and safe. The number of plugs to connect is considerably decreased by using splitter boxes. The fact that simple plug connectors can be installed by employees even without technical training is an additional advantage. The system can also be used for field bus solutions.

Your Benefits

  • Efficient and failsafe connection of field devices thanks to the process wiring connection technology realized with our quick disconnect connectors
  • Comprehensive portfolio with connectors, cables and splitter boxes reduces cabling
  • Flexible and highly chemical-resistant PVC cables
  • Shielded twisted pair cables for analog and HART signals

  • Process Wiring connection technology offers solutions for all types of connections

  • Quick Disconnect connection technology makes connecting field devices faster and easier

  • Junction Boxes like Turck‘s TB series ease the connection of skids and mobile plant sections

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